About Us

LOFTY VIDEO is the aerial videography (drone) division of Steeprock Productions a digital content production company that creates, produces, edits and distributes corporate, marketing and social media video content around the globe. We specialize in real estate properties in the Toronto and Muskoka areas.

Founded by Charlie Halpin and Holly Irving, the company was formed on one basic principle, to translate the creative vision of the client into memorable recorded images; to do it with great passion, and integrity.

We offer innovative and high quality production value combined with beautiful cinematography, clear captivating audio, creative editing, and dynamic graphics to give your corporate video the edge you need to differentiate yourself, increase awareness, and get your message across.

High quality corporate videos combine sight, sound and motion to prompt action and boost the bottom line. The move towards greater visual communication stems from the recent sea change of streaming mobile devices and faster broadband. Customers, staff and potential buyers want instant access to information, and Steeprock Productions comes equipped to meet that demand. From overall strategy and scripting, to the actual shooting, editing and visual graphics, we’ll provide the knowledge and  expertise to deliver high impact video customized to your organization’s needs.


We Make Videos for Companies

We create world-class web commercials, corporate videos, and original branded content. We are a full-service creative video production company, and we help communicate your message from the board room to the living room, and from script to screen.

Toronto, Canada and then the World

Based in Toronto North and the Muskokas, we have dedicated video trucks servicing Ontario and Quebec and can ship them to any point in North America for productions or events. But we can work with clients anywhere, no matter where you're located.

We're Experienced

We have created video for government, corporations, national non-profits and educational institutions, private companies, and startups. No companies is too large or too small. We're exceptional at learning what makes your business or brand special, and communicating that to your audience in a way that incites them to take action.

We're not just experienced with the act of shooting video, our executives and field personnel have a vast amount of experience across a broad spectrum of industries and are considered experts in those areas. We have a vast knowledge of the graphics industry, the motorcycle industry, the personal watercraft  and boating industry, the racing world, the skiing world, the snowboard industry, the art world, the food industry, the trucking business, the snowmobile world and the outdoor recreational industry. As well we have personnel with all the necessary licenses or credentials to drive anything, ski, dive, fly a drone or do just about anything to get the shot.

We Only Create High-Quality Work

We're super-easy to work with, and play nice with both internal teams and advertising agencies. When you work with us, we bring our best, every time. From our world-class storytelling creativity and concepts, to our technical and creative expertise with the best-of-the-best tech and cinema tools (like 4k cameras), we make you look great.


Please contact us for your next video project.


If you are looking for a production company with the skill set to deliver your project on budget, on schedule and with amazing value, then contacting Steeprock Productions is the critical first step in making the magic happen in any of these categories below:

Testimonials, Corporate Video, Event Video, Marketing Video, Real Estate Video, Training Video, Social Media Video, Product Presentations/Demos, Employee & HR Training, Social Media Marketing, Video News Releases, Public Service Presentations, Virtual Sales Presentations, Company/Executive Messaging, Case Study Videos, Corporate Culture Videos, Corporate Event Videos, Sales/Marketing Collateral, Production Consultation Services